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U.S. Marshals Logo

U.S. Marshals Service

Seized salvage vehicle auctions

conducted throughout 83 districts

across the nation.

Next Salvage Online Auction 6/17/2024

Nationwide Salvage Dealer Only

Auction ends 12 PM ET  


U.S. Customs & Border Protection Logo

U.S. Customs &

Border Protection

Seized salvage vehicle auctions conducted

along our nation's Southern border.

Next Salvage Online

Auction 6/25/2024




U.S. Treasury Logo

U.S. Treasury

Seized salvage vehicle auctions

conducted throughout all 50 states

including Puerto Rico & Guam.

Next Salvage Online

Auction 7/9/2024

Nationwide Salvage Dealer Only

Auction ends 12 PM ET  


Bidding Qualifications & Registration Info for Salvage/ Scrap Dealers: 

Only licensed scrap or salvage dealers whose facilities are located within the continental United States may participate in these auctions. Vehicles cannot be re-titled or re-registered. Attempt to do so will result in revocation of bidding privileges and may warrant criminal, civil, or administrative action against the participant. To qualify to bid, you must send a copy of your license for review to CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT SALVAGE LICENSE. Additional bidding instructions will be provided at that time. License must be approved prior to the sale closing.  Licenses submitted the morning of the auction may not be approved prior to auction closing. To qualify to bid, first time participants must follow the registration process below:

  1. Submit a copy of your current Salvage/ Scrap Dealer license (CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT LICENSE).

  2. Register/ Login to the Salvage auction. We will verify your Salvage license is valid, and your bidding privileges will be updated (approved/ denied). 

  3. Place your bids! You will receive an email once you have been approved to place bids. At that time you may login and bid on any item. This approval will be valid until the expiration date on your Salvage license. Please note: If you do not register, we have no way of adjusting your account privileges to (approved/denied). 

Once a bidder is qualified to bid,  the steps listed above are not required until the expiration date listed on the Salvage license.

Qualified bidders may login at any time to place bids on available lots. 

What to Expect Once the Auction Closes:

  1. Once all items in the auction close, email notifications will be sent (from to all participating bidders with the final results. For each lot the bidder bids on it will list "successful" or "outbid." The auction company will be seeking final approval from the U.S. Treasury on all lots at this time. 

  2. Once approval is received, high bidders will receive an email (from with payment instructions and our bank account information (options: wire, bank deposit, or cashier's check overnight). Please check your email (and junk mail) periodically after receiving this notice. Payment must be RECEIVED within 48 hours of acceptance.

  3. Once payment is received, the auction company will execute the sale documents and email them to the buyers via DocuSign for electronic signature. 

  4. Once documents are signed by the buyer, Property Release documents will be emailed to the buyer as well as the storage vendor.

  5. Once Property Release email received,  buyer must immediately contact storage vendor to arrange property removal. 

Salvage/ Scrap Dealer/ Dismantler Only Auctions

When notated in the auction listing assets deemed DISMANTLER; SCRAP/ PARTS ONLY; NO RE-TITLE; NOT TO BE EXPORTED OUT OF COUNTRY may only be purchased by a licensed Dismantler/ Salvage/ Scrap Dealer that has provided a valid license. These particular assets are not open for bidding by the general public. These assets may not be repaired, rebuilt, or reconstructed, issued a regular certificate of title, registered or operated on roadways. These assets may only be used as a source for used parts or scrap metal. Assets as a whole must be parted out and may not be re-sold absolute or exported out of the United States. These assets cannot be sold to dismantlers with facilities outside of the United States. These assets must be towed or transported from the storage facility and may not be driven. Failure to comply may result in revocation of bidding privileges.

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