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Bidders unfamiliar with the export process are cautioned against bidding on "export only" merchandise until they have familiarized themselves with the export process. Bidders are strongly encouraged to investigate export options prior to purchasing "export only" merchandise. It is recommended that purchasers engage the services of a broker or Customs bonded carrier if they are unfamiliar with export requirements.


"Export only" means merchandise is offered on the condition that all licensing and federal permits will be met by the buyer before exportation. It is recommended that you contact your local CBP office or engage the services of a customs broker or bonded carrier for further information. You can also visit the CBP website or for more detailed export information. Buyers are responsible for obtaining and complying with all export requirements. "Export only" seized property must be physically removed from the United States within 60 days from the sale date. 

All countries have their own customs and laws, and may or may not allow you to import your merchandise into their country. A customs broker or the customs service of the importing country can assist you in answering this question. Information is also available at the U.S. Government's export portal at


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Licensing and Permits: Purchasers are responsible for complying with all applicable federal licensing and permit regulations prior to exportation. Seller | Authorized Agent | Prime Contractor does not warrant the availability of such license or permits, nor do we provide a list of the requirements that must be met. The failure of the purchaser to obtain necessary licensing will not result in the return of any monies tendered for the goods.

Forms: A customs Form 7512 must be completed correctly, signed off by the U.S. Customs, and approved by an Apple Towing Co | Apple Auctioneering Co representative prior to removal.  Only the named bonded carrier on the form 7512 may remove and export the asset, and must do so directly from the storage facility. No other diversion allowed. 

Release & Removal: It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange the shipping and have the property removed prior to the removal deadline. Auction Company will not ship any items. Removal is at the expense, liability, and risk of the buyer.  


•    The buyer is not able to remove an export only asset like they normally would with any other vehicle. A CBP 7512 Form is required, and they must contract a broker to get this form executed. This form is not provided by the Auction Company.
•    Only the named bonded company on the 7512 Form may remove and export the asset. 
•    The bonded company will often sub-contract this transport, so there needs to be a sufficient authorization paper trail to release the asset to this 3rd party individual. The buyer either needs to name this 3rd party directly on the Release Authorization section of the Property Release Form or may name the bonded company. That bonded company must then provide an additional authorization to the 3rd party. No matter what, there needs to be a paper trail of authorization for the individual that removes the asset. 
A copy of the Buyer's ID is required. 
•    There is however an exception to this. If the bonded company on the 7512 form contracts the buyer to remove the asset, then they may remove their own vehicle, but the bonded company must provide authorization for them to do so. The buyer essentially signs their own property release (like they normally would with any other vehicle) and must provide a letter or email of the company in bond’s written authorization for them to remove the asset.​ A copy of the Buyer's ID is required. 


Purchases must be paid in full prior to removal. Removal is by appointment only and should be made by the buyer with the storage vendor only after buyer has received the necessary Property Release document along with the completed/ approved Form 7512. A physical hard copy of the completed property release is required in order to remove the property. Buyer must present a photo I.D. at the time of property release. All property and/or merchandise in a lot must be released to at one time. No partial release of any lots. Please do not make flight arrangements or schedule pickups in advance, until you receive authorization via email to do so.

Removal Deadline: Removal must be completed on or before the 60th calendar day (for export only property/merchandise) after the sale date or the buyer will default the terms of sale and property and/or merchandise will be resold by the U.S. Government. Additionally, storage vendor will not authorize the release of the property unless a Form 7512 is completed and signed off by the U.S. Customs. Therefore, property and/or merchandise remaining after the removal deadline shall revert and repossess to the government without further notice to the buyer and will result in any monies paid being forfeited and the transaction shall be nulled and voided as to the buyer. 

Vehicle Title: BUYER BEWARE: Purchasers of "Export Only" property will receive a bill of sale only. This document serves as a proof of purchase and is not a title. No title transfer documents are available for “Export Only” property. The SF-97, which is usually provided for vehicle purchases from the United States, supersedes ownership records for vehicles that are in the Department of Motor Vehicle database (in the United States). Because “Export Only” property cannot be registered, used, resold, or entered into the commerce of the United States or its territories, the SF-97 can not be processed to obtain a title. Essentially, there is no record in the DMV database to supersede. For this reason, purchasers of “Export Only” property will receive a bill of sale only.


Export Only Auction Information

The term "Export Only" refers to merchandise identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that cannot be registered, used, resold, or entered into the commerce of the United States or its territories. "Export Only" assets do not meet U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. 

Notice: Per the U.S. Government, the contractor (Apple Towing Co. | Apple Auctioneering Co.) is prohibited from offering any assistance in the export process whatsoever.

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