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General Live Auction Information

Please note the information below is general and subject to change between auctions.

Finalized Terms & Conditions will be issued upon registration for each auction. 


To bid you must register at every auction. If you only intend on spectating, and do not wish to bid you still need to register. To register you will need a photo I.D. The registered bidder is only allowed two companions (no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the auction area). There is no deposit required to enter or place a bid. Registration prior to the day of the preview is not offered, but will be available the day of the preview as well as the day of the auction. Registration is conducted throughout the auction.



Purchases must be paid in full via cash (U.S. Currency), cashier’s check (payable to Apple Towing Co.), or check with current original bank letter of guarantee within ONE HOUR of the close of the sale. You may leave to acquire the funds, but must return within the deadline to pay.Bank letter must read: _________ is a customer of the bank, This bank will guarantee unqualified payment to Apple Towing Co. on account # ________ up to the amount of $________. No ‘Stop Payment’ will be issued regarding this transaction. This letter expires on_______. (Must be at least 10 days after the auction date). The bank letter needs to be provided at time of registration, then approved by the auctioneer. Auctioneer has final approval of acceptance. If you intend on paying with cashier’s checks and do not have a bank in close proximity to the auction location: bring several in different increments, and Apple Towing will write you a check for the difference.



We do not collect sales tax on vehicles sold. We do collect sales tax on surplus sold.


Removal of Vehicles:

All vehicles must be removed from the auction area after payment and title work is processed. If arrangements are made with a car carrier service to pick up the items at a later date, those arrangements need to be discussed with an Apple Towing representative. Vehicles that are left after the day of the auction and no arrangements have been made for them to stay, each vehicle will be booked into storage and charged commercial storage rates.


All items sold "As-Is, Where-Is":

Vehicles are auctioned “As-Is, Where-Is” with all faults, without warranty or guarantee either expressed or implied, as to the age, year of manufacture, make, model, condition or any other specification. Descriptions of vehicles, either written or oral, are furnished as a guide only. No guarantee as to the accuracy of the description is made. Some vehicles may have salvage only titles. Salvage only titles & Export only vehicles when known, are announced or noted on the vehicle. Absence of this disclosure does not constitute any warranty or guarantee.



All auctions conducted WITH RESERVE. All assets have a reserve amount determined by the contracting seizing agency prior to the auction date and will not be disclosed. If an item does not meet the reserve amount, the contracting seizing agency has the right to pull the item at any time or announce its reserve for a final offer. The contracting seizing agency has the right to approve the final transfer of property to the successful bidder, even after the auctioneer states “sold”.

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